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10th March 2014



I hate how it feels like guys can’t have insecurities. If you’re a guy and you’ve got them apparently you can’t be sexy at all, you’re less of a man, you’re a pussy and you just shouldn’t have them or shouldn’t show them at all. And I FUCKING HATE IT.

Apparently because I have a penis I have to be a stoic bastard or solve all my problems with alcohol.

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3rd February 2014


I haven’t had a good dream in a while. I’ve had plenty where they’re connected in sort of a.. dream world, a map as it were. It feels.. real, amazing, it’s euphoric honestly. I haven’t had one in a few months and I miss them honestly. They’re pretty amazing, but also kind of simple. I’m curious if there’s any ways to induce dreaming easier.

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17th November 2013

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100th post.

100th post.


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17th November 2013


Tumbling tumbles on tumblr. Fuck.

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17th November 2013

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I need to watch the avengers again…

Sorry for no credit!

I need to watch the avengers again…

Sorry for no credit!

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9th October 2013

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Did the Blood Reaver exist initially ? Or was it always the Soul Reaver before it ‘died’ and became part of Raziel?


One sword feeds on blood and one sword feeds on souls - from the gist I got from the entire series. Or one sword does both? Halp folks, my mind is unable to wrap around this.

There was never two swords. Only the one.

The original “The Reaver” was forged by Vorador in ancient times at the behest of the ancients. They explain this in either Soul Reaver 2 or Defiance.

It did not become the “Soul Reaver” until it devoured Raziel and he inhabited the blade. It is why the blade shattered in Soul Reaver 1 when Kain attempted to impale Raziel with it, because the sword could not “destroy itself” so to speak.

There is a point in the time line where two Reavers meet though, and that is when Kain traveled back in time to kill Prince William. The presence of the two ancient powerful blades distorted reality enough that Kain could kill William.

God I love this series.

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25th September 2013

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This… pisses me off. It’s a pvp game.. there is no Kain or any of the key characters. It doesn’t have the awesome story telling and they fucked up the aesthetics. it looks NOTHING like the actual Nosgoth.

Ontop of that, they claim that this takes place after the events of “Soul Reaver” when that doesn’t even make any sense! When Soul Reaver 1 was released humans had already lost! Even BEFORE Raziel was tossed into the abyss. To make matters worse, they have some of Raziel’s clan available for play.. WHAT? After Raziel’s betrayal there was a complete genocide of his clan! There were NONE spared! And it was by his brothers and their clans, not even the humans!

And then they go and say “The world of Nosgoth has thousands of years of  lore” uh.. try TENS of thousands. Kain himself (while his age is still unknown) is probably around 3,000 years old! And when he was first unborn the original vampires had been gone for ages!

Ugh. Fuck square enix, seriously. Money grubbing bastards just trying to make a quick buck off of a pvp game that has “vampires”.

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15th August 2013


I feel like I should post more here rather than just like posts..

12th August 2013

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Next Generation of Animation

By now you’ve probably seen this Cartoon Network piece on the studio’s hotshot filmmakers of today and tomorrow. While it often seems the video’s more about the filmmakers praising Cartoon Network than vice-versa, you can catch glimpses of Pen and Adam Muto (Tall Penguin) and Kent Osborne (Cat Agent) along with former Adventure Timers Skyler Page, now busy on his Clarence series, as well as Ian Jones-Quartey and Rebecca Sugar talking about her Steven Universe. Too much great stuff to look forward to.

This is why I love cartoons and am excited again for Cartoon Network. They’re bringing back that iconic feel. It makes me miss shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

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23rd June 2013

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This hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m still feeling a little nauseous after this realization.

I also put it on DA

This is a wonderful presentation. I just had to add these:







Don’t ever let anyone tell you that gender egalitarianism isn’t possible among humans, or that our species’ “natural” state is one of gender oppression.

^Let’s all remember this the next time someone tries to say that Africans are all a bunch of savages compared to us civilized folk.

The main problem with marriage in our “civilized” societies these days is the fact that divorce usually means “I want half your stuff, omg.” and a way too expensive lawyer being hired in the end. Rather than just two people saying “It’s not working anymore.”

That and a piece of paper from the government.

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